Заточка и ремонт ножей ROCKSTEAD по оригинальной технологии

Sharpening and repairs using Rockstead original technology*

We remove notches, recover polish and fix broken tips, we clean knives, make blades open smoothly, restore lubrication.

*Dmitry Artemyev studied at Rockstead factory, Japan and has a personal Rockstead certficate.

Изготовление эксклюзивных ножен


Custom sheaths making

We make sheaths for clients' knives using only the best materials: high quality leather of crocodile, ostrich, snake, stingray. Sheath patterns are made individually for each knife.

Изготовление эксклюзивных ножен

Making knives, sharpening, repairs

We make knives of american, japanese and european steel, sharpen, repair and restore knives of any grade. Our specialists are trained by well-known japanese masters and regularly study new sharpening technologies in japanese and european companies. Our studio also cooperates with museum experts and restorers.